14.05.2016 – Stoke Travel’s Big BBQ & Sports Day

Join the UK Sports Club and Kiwis in London at Stoke Travel’s Big BBQ & Sports Day on Saturday, 14 May 2016 at Wimbledon Rugby Club

We’ll be celebrating the beginning of summer with some ‘friendly’ rivalry between The Kiwi’s and Aussie’s. Drinking mates off the field, ENEMIES ON IT!!

The prestigious Aussies in London Vs Kiwis in London Challenge Cup will take place as well as the infamous Russell Crowe Gumboot Competition which is up for grabs.

Keen to get on the field or court? We are looking for teams or individuals to play in our social tournament.

Email: russel@thechurch.co.uk for more information on playing Touch
Email: eva@stoketravel.com for more information on playing netball

Missing your favourite goodies from home? Want to get an awesome deal on your next travel adventure? Make sure to check out our Village, we’ll have a variety of unique products on display from jewellery, fashion, crafts, and traditional wares, as well as all your favourite food and drinks from back in the Motherland. Our travel section will have great deals from our travel partners Stoke Travel, Top Deck, Wicked Campers and Travel Talk.

As well as some competitive footy there’ll be plenty of entertainment including our Stoke festival stage, live bands and DJ, beer pong tables, ping pong, twister and sumo wrestling.

Event starts at 10.30am and closes at 7pm, don’t worry the party won’t stop there, we’ll be heading to the Wimbledon Slug to carry on the celebrations.

Tickets £12 which include 4 beers and a Aussie/ Kiwi Burger or Pie
Once Early Bird Tickets have sold out, entry only tickets will be £10

For more info see the facebook event page

For tickets click HERE


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