15.03.2016 – 17.04.2016 Holly Zandbergen: The River Series

"The Crossing" by Holly Zandbergen

Holly Zandbergen made a real splash at last year’s National Open Art Competition. She is an exciting artist, attracting much attention from galleries and collectors. Holly brings the full weight of her process and expression to bear in her paintings. She remains open to the discoveries to be found in the bold application of oil paint on canvas but is always mindful and poised to employ a more delicate brush stroke. It is her ability to mould abstract formations into deeply intimate, significant, figurative depictions that seems to strike a sensory chord with the viewer.

“I want to saturate the viewer’s emotional subconscious with these vivid river paintings. To feel the currents, murkiness and heaviness of the water pressing against ones legs. These are the times of a miraculous past, where the river gave us excitement, joy and a place to escape” – Holly Zandbergen

“Holly employs her technique with skill and intent, each stroke, rhythmic and self informing. She has the ability to pull you deep into the story but to then bring you up from the depths of paint, so you find your eyes rested upon a scene, serene and of the moment. You will be forever captured by its simplicity.” - Graham A Hunter

The Graham Hunter Gallery is delighted to present Holly Zandbergen “The River Series” her first solo exhibition.


March 15th - April 17th

The Graham Hunter Gallery, 81 Baker Street, London W1U 6RO

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