Notice of Annual General Meeting on 24th June 2016

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The New Zealand Society will be holding its Annual General Meeting ("AGM") under Rule 21 of the New Zealand Society's Rules (the "Rules"), which are available for viewing and downloading from the New Zealand Society's website,

Attached to this message are the official Notice of the AGM and the Nomination Form for vacancies on the General Committee of the New Zealand Society.


The AGM will be held on Friday 24th June at 5.30pm (for 6.00pm) at the Penthouse of New Zealand House, 80 Haymarket, London SW1Y 4TQ.


Registration for the AGM is now open.

  • Option 1 is to register your interest to attend the AGM ONLY to
  • Option 2 is to attend both the AGM and Summer Drinks please register at our ticketing page.

Please register your attendance in advance, if possible, so that we may make suitable arrangements for the meeting.  The AGM is only open for current, paid-up members of the New Zealand Society at the date of the AGM (ie, 24 June 2016), and who are entitled to vote at the AGM.  There is no cost in attending the AGM* but cost is incurred to attend the Summer Drinks.  We will have a list of names at our welcome desk in the lobby of NZ House reception, and refreshments will be available during the meeting.


The current General Committee of the New Zealand Society is composed of the following people:  Robyn Allardice Bourne (current President), Tania Bearsley (Immediate Past President), Kerryn Beeching (current Vice President), Charlotte Everett (current Vice President), Kathleen McCoy (Honorary Treasurer), Margaret Mercer, Annette Arnold, Claire Dimes, Justine Redfearn, Donna-Marie Kirk-Sargeant, Debbie Heppleston, Clarence Tan

Rule 10 allows the General Committee to consist of the following:

- The President
- Up to 2 Vice Presidents
- 24 Elected Members
- The Honorary Secretary
- The Honorary Treasurer
- The Immediate Past President (ex officio for one year only).

Rule 14 requires that one third of the Elected Members (from the last AGM) are required to retire from the Committee, but only insofar as that one third is fewer than those Elected Members who have retired from the Committee during the past year.  This year due to resignations during the year there will be no Elected Members retiring by rotation from the Committee at the AGM under Rule 14.

Accordingly, the Elected General Committee Members who will remain on the Committee in the next year are:  Robyn Allardice Bourne (current President),  Kerryn Beeching (current Vice President), Charlotte Everett (current Vice President), Margaret Mercer, Annette Arnold, Claire Dimes, Justine Redfearn, Donna-Marie Kirk-Sargeant, Debbie Heppleston.

The remaining members of our current General Committee (Clarence Tan) were filled during the last year under the casual vacancy rules applying at the time (Rule 19), and are required to retire at the AGM and are eligible for nomination to the Committee by nomination and voting in the normal way.


- Robyn Allardice Bourne (current President) has indicated that she will stand for election as President of the New Zealand Society for the 2016/2017 year.  In the event of more than one nomination being received for the role of President, then the role shall be elected by Ballot.

- Kerryn Beeching and Charlotte Everett (current Vice Presidents) have indicated that they will stand for election as Vice Presidents of the New Zealand Society for the 2016/2017 year.  In the event of more than two nominations for Vice President then the roles shall be elected by Ballot.

- Tania Bearsley (our Immediate Past President) and Kathleen McCoy (Honorary Treasurer) have advised that they will resign from the committee effective from the AGM.

- Resignations during the year were from John, Greager, Maryse Dinan and Christina Pereira

-  Resignations of Directors have been received from Tania Bearsley


Please use the nomination forms, or email us in accordance with the instructions on the forms, to nominate members of the New Zealand Society for any of the positions available.  All nominations must be received by the NZ Society (by post or email) no later than 7 clear days before the AGM (ie, by midnight on Thursday 16th June 2016).

If you have any questions concerning the above, please email

Notice of AGM 24 June 2016

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